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professional license defense Archives

Ethical considerations for licensed real estate agents

Recently, this legal blog featured a post about the code of ethics for occupational therapists. Expanding on the topic of professional ethics, this post will discuss some ethical matters that may help real estate agents protect their licenses in the state of California.

Can an ethics violation threaten my occupational therapy license?

When any industry makes an effort to provide practitioners with a code of ethics or conduct, it is safe to say that the industry as a whole cares about its reputation. Occupational therapy (OT) is a prime example an industry with ethical codes on both national and state levels.

Tips to protect your California chiropractic license

Like other medical professionals, you probably worked hard to acquire your chiropractic license. Unfortunately, threats to your license can come out of nowhere and take your entire staff by surprise. While some of these threats may involve a practitioner or staff member's conduct, others arise out of administrative lapses and other benign actions.

How do you protect your marijuana business license?

Selling or dispensing marijuana in a legal manner is a relatively new arena for professional license defense attorneys, especially regarding recreational marijuana. However, it is a timely topic here in California as well as a viable business venture. As such, it may be time for license defense attorneys to broach the business licensing aspects of marijuana dispensaries.

As a veterinarian, what are some tips for facing a board inquiry?

Like other professionals, you have no doubt worked very hard to acquire and maintain your license to practice veterinary medicine in the state of California. When you learn that someone has filed a complaint against you, it will probably send you into immediate panic mode. For many, learning as much as you can about building a professional license defense is the first thing that comes to mind.

Do's and don'ts of medical licensing board investigations

Like all workers in the medical field, you have no doubt worked very hard to obtain your license. Years of schooling, many thousands of dollars and intensive training regimes have finally all come together to help you have the career you've always wanted.

Help in dealing with dentistry licensing issues

If you are practicing dental medicine in the Sacramento area of California, your good reputation likely contributes to the success of your practice. Anytime that good reputation takes a hit, it could result in reduced clientele, or worse, license revocation.

Sentence issued in fake nurse case

A woman who was posing as a nurse and treating patients has been sentenced to probation for not having a valid nursing license. The woman, from Aurora, stole the identity of a registered nurse and used her license to treat patients. The suspect stole the nursing license number of a woman with whom she shares the same first and last name and worked in a rehab center in Commerce City, Colorado.

Reasons for engineers to obtain a license

Working in certain professions requires workers to obtain professional licenses. These licenses allow people to seek employment and provide a degree of certainty for the public. Obtaining and keeping a professional license is important for various professions. Here are some important reasons why engineers should obtain a license.

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