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California insurance agent loses license for alleged illegal acts

Many licensed professionals in the state of California are often surprised at the list of acts or behaviors that can put their licenses in jeopardy. Sometimes, even the simplest thing like not reporting a change of address can threaten a license. Other times, the loss of a license happens for more obvious reasons such as when professionals are accused of, or admit to, criminal activity. Regardless of why a professional license comes under threat, defendants need timely assistance to preserve a career.

Doctor puts his license at risk for crashing while on drugs

The Medical Board of California has placed the license of a "physiatrist or physical medicine and rehabilitation physician" on probation for six years after he crashed his Jaguar into a pole. The crash itself may not have been enough to threaten his license, but the responding police officers reportedly found drugs in the doctor's car.

Take the right approach to California administrative hearings

Insurance agents, realtors and other professionals licensed in California are subject to the state's administrative process. Those who receive notice of an administrative complaint may request a hearing through the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

Physician license in jeopardy for selling audio remedies online

A California doctor may need immediate professional license defense strategies to avoid losing his license. The physician sells controversial remedies over the internet and the Medical Board of California has taken notice, according to news reports.

Professional license defense: Dealing with background checks

If you are in the process of acquiring a professional license in California, you will likely have to submit to a background check of some kind. Industries require these checks to ensure that applicants are eligible to hold a professional license and do not have an unfavorable history. These screenings have become more common in recent years as employers and professional boards seek to minimize risk.

Story shows how fraud allegations can threaten a medical license

A medical professional's duty goes beyond providing health care, therapy or treatments. These individuals are expected to maintain professionalism in all situations. Most people would agree that engaging in health care fraud is a clear example of nonprofessional behavior. Such actions not only threaten careers, they can also defy even the best efforts to establish a professional license defense.

Medical spa: Ignorance is not a good professional license defense

A relatively new form of medical care is taking California by storm -- the medical spa. These popular businesses provide clients with the ultimate in cosmetic-centered treatments and procedures, all in a relaxing environment.

How can you acquire and maintain a private investigator license?

Most people believe it is difficult to become a licensed private investigator in the state of California. Assuming you have the right disposition to investigate sensitive issues, it may be easier than you think to acquire a license.

Defending California prison guards from misconduct allegations

While we all may agree that prisoners have rights, which correctional officers should respect, we can't forget that guards have rights too. An unfortunate by-product of increasing inmate rights awareness is that many prison-employed peace officers may now face increased disciplinary actions for alleged misconduct.

Protecting your license as a professional child-care provider

If you have completed the steps to become licensed as a child-care provider in California, you probably consider yourself a professional. As people who love our families, we agree that you and others like you provide professional level services. While many people view your work as unskilled labor, we know that you have undergone education and training to be the best provider you can possibly be.

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