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August 2018 Archives

A strong defense could help protect your nursing license

Your nursing license is the key to your career. If it's suspended or revoked, you could find yourself in a position where you can't work or maintain the career you see yourself in. Nursing licenses, much like other professional licenses, could be put at risk if you violate the law.

Can a DUI prevent you from getting a pharmacy license?

As a college graduate now pursuing a PharmD degree in California, your life likely revolves around your classes and your studies. You probably find very little time to devote to social occasions with your friends and family. What few times you treat yourself to a night out, you may have the tendency to overindulge in alcohol since you have so few occasions to kick back and relax. Nevertheless, before making the decision to drink and drive, consider the fact that a DUI conviction could preclude your possibility of getting the pharmacy license that you have worked so hard to obtain.

Inappropriate conduct complaint filed against a California doctor

What happens when a doctor with a sterling career suddenly becomes the target of a medical board complaint? Many professional license defense attorneys hear this question on an all-too-regular basis. As a way to highlight the fallout of complaints like this one, you might want to look at recent inappropriate conduct allegations made against a doctor in Fresno.

A look at the new California license alert app from a legal view

Have you heard about California's new license alert app for patients? Released by the state medical board, this app is designed to alert the public about any changes to a medical provider's license to practice. This includes minor changes such as a name or address change, but it also alerts patients if a medical professional has been disciplined or targeted in a complaint.

Attorney tips for a successful nursing license defense

Starting on the day you learn that a complaint has been filed against you with the California nursing board, you will probably think of little else than protecting your career. Complaints are a serious source of anxiety and stress for all professionals but succumbing to fear over the complaint can affect your personal and professional life.

How miscommunication can threaten licensed professionals

Things sure have changed from the days in which licensed professionals provided their services in ways that were more personal than today. Physicians no longer make house calls and other licensed professionals (real estate agents, dentists and pharmacists to name a few) provide their services under less intimate circumstances than they did in bygone days.

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