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July 2018 Archives

What should you do if you posted about a patient on social media?

New nurses or medical personnel may make the mistake of posting about patients on social media. Even experienced nurses might do this if a case hits them on an extremely personal level or if they want to use a situation to illustrate or clarify something. For instance, maybe they belong to a Facebook group that focuses on how obesity can harm your health, and a nurse decides to share his or her experience with a patient who came in last week.

What ethical violations could threaten correctional officer jobs?

Careers as prison guards and correctional officers are more important than ever as the American prison system continues to overflow. There have been many changes since the nation's earliest days of mass incarceration. One of the most prominent and important changes involves the treatment and care of those behind bars.

New nurse mistakes that could affect your license

As an eager and brand new nurse, you have not become as seasoned as some of your more experienced counterparts. This can leave you open to several pitfalls that may rise up to threaten your license at some point in your career. While your education provided you with a vast amount of knowledge about nursing, it may not have prepared you to avoid making simple mistakes that might result in losing your license.

California insurance agent loses license for alleged illegal acts

Many licensed professionals in the state of California are often surprised at the list of acts or behaviors that can put their licenses in jeopardy. Sometimes, even the simplest thing like not reporting a change of address can threaten a license. Other times, the loss of a license happens for more obvious reasons such as when professionals are accused of, or admit to, criminal activity. Regardless of why a professional license comes under threat, defendants need timely assistance to preserve a career.

Tips to help you protect your California nursing license

Have you ever heard the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" Although most people automatically think of staying healthy when they hear this saying, it is a useful approach to all kinds of situations. For nurses, adhering to this concept can be one of the best methods of nursing license defense before it is ever needed.

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