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April 2018 Archives

How can you acquire and maintain a private investigator license?

Most people believe it is difficult to become a licensed private investigator in the state of California. Assuming you have the right disposition to investigate sensitive issues, it may be easier than you think to acquire a license.

How can you appeal a California nursing license denial?

If you live in California and wish to make a living as a registered nurse, a valid nursing license is necessary in order to do so. Regrettably, nursing license applications are subject to denial, and you may have your application for a license denied for any number of different reasons.

Why a board-sanctioned diversion program might be a good idea

Like every other human being, registered nurses can make mistakes and fall prey to errors in judgment. Nursing is a high-stress, high-pressure occupation even when you love your job. As such, alcohol and drug addiction can happen before you are even aware that you might have a problem or that your nursing license is in jeopardy.

Defending California prison guards from misconduct allegations

While we all may agree that prisoners have rights, which correctional officers should respect, we can't forget that guards have rights too. An unfortunate by-product of increasing inmate rights awareness is that many prison-employed peace officers may now face increased disciplinary actions for alleged misconduct.

Protecting your license as a professional child-care provider

If you have completed the steps to become licensed as a child-care provider in California, you probably consider yourself a professional. As people who love our families, we agree that you and others like you provide professional level services. While many people view your work as unskilled labor, we know that you have undergone education and training to be the best provider you can possibly be.

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