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December 2017 Archives

Can a DUI affect your medical career?

As a nurse, doctor or other medical professional, you dedicate yourself to providing patients with the highest level of care possible. You are attentive, professional and careful in every aspect of your job. Like anybody else, though, you likely look forward to relaxing and loosening up a bit when you aren’t on the clock. You might go out, have a drink and enjoy the company of friends at a bar.

Sentence issued in fake nurse case

A woman who was posing as a nurse and treating patients has been sentenced to probation for not having a valid nursing license. The woman, from Aurora, stole the identity of a registered nurse and used her license to treat patients. The suspect stole the nursing license number of a woman with whom she shares the same first and last name and worked in a rehab center in Commerce City, Colorado.

Unprofessional conduct may cost you your nursing license

Most of the threats to your nursing license are obvious offenses or violations of legal boundaries. Diversion of drugs, falsifying records or abusing patients all commonly cost nurses their licenses. However, most of these behaviors are easy to avoid with some common sense. Unfortunately, some grounds for losing your nursing license are far more subjective and may create room for unfair license revocation.

Doctor loses medical license for refusing to use a computer

A physician from New London, New Hampshire, did not use computers to keep track of patient records. Instead, she used detailed handwritten notes and manila folders for each patient. Her small office had only a landline telephone and fax machine as subtle nods to the modern era. She used no computerized machines or diagnostic techniques, relying instead on her experience and general medical knowledge.

Reasons for engineers to obtain a license

Working in certain professions requires workers to obtain professional licenses. These licenses allow people to seek employment and provide a degree of certainty for the public. Obtaining and keeping a professional license is important for various professions. Here are some important reasons why engineers should obtain a license.

What not to do regarding a medical board investigation

Being faced with an investigation in front of a medical board is stressful. You don't know what to expect or maybe even why you are facing a review. It's likely that you have received a letter from the board stating you are under review. You absolutely must respond to that letter even if you know there is nothing wrong. Here's what you should never do when it comes to such an investigation in California.

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