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Sacramento California Professional License Defense Blog

A nursing license, a complaint and the California BRN

Whether you have been a registered nurse for many years or are new to the career you have chosen, you may be reeling from a complaint someone filed against you.

The California Board of Registered Nursing will investigate the complaint, and, in the meantime, you worry because your nursing license may hang in the balance. Will you be out of a job?

Hundreds of health care licenses suspended over debts

What's your student loans have to do with your ability to practice medicine in your given field?

By all right, absolutely nothing. However, the laws in numerous states tie medical workers' student loans to their license to practice. Unpaid loans can result in a suspended license.

Criminal records and California real estate broker's licenses

A criminal record of any kind could potentially destroy your career as a real estate broker in California. Just as in many other states, the licensing authority is concerned about maintaining a high level of professional integrity among its ranks.

Just the same, many people do overcome criminal records and gain or keep their real estate licenses. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Medical board is now taking note of warning letters to physicians

Investigators with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today had a question. They wanted to know what happens after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sends out warning letters to doctors regarding some pretty grievous issues.

The answer? "Not much." When investigators looked at 73 cases involving doctors who had received FDA warning letters within a five-year span, they discovered that exactly one doctor had actually faced any consequences.

Marijuana and your medical license: What to consider

As of December 2018, 10 states (including California) have legalized recreational marijuana in some form or another -- and many people believe that it's only a matter of time before the rest of the nation follows.

If you're a physician, however, none of that means you're actually free to purchase a little marijuana and some rolling papers and light up. What the law says you can do and what the state's Medical Board says you can do -- if you want to keep your license to practice medicine -- may not be the same thing.

Common mistakes new nurses make

Being a new nurse is exciting. After years of hard work, you finally get to do what you love. But doing the actual job can be intimidating and stressful, even after so much preparation and training.

Just like anyone who is new to any position, you may make some mistakes. Major slip-ups can threaten your nursing license. Here is a list of some of the most common new-nurse errors and what you can do to avoid them. 

The Nurse Licensure Compact: Not a reality for California

Are you a nurse (or student nurse) who dreams of working and traveling? If so, you need to understand the complicated process of obtaining a license to practice in more than one state -- and what it may take to maintain it.

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was developed in 2000 in order to allow nurses to relocate easily and engage in telehealth sessions with patients. It was a quick way to encourage the available workforce of nurses to relocate to areas that were suffering a nursing shortage. Nurses licensed in a state that participates in the NLC are able to legally practice in any of the other 29 states who are part of the agreement.

Informed consent: What every medical professional should remember

A patient's informed consent to treatment isn't just a legal formality that has to be gotten out of the way as quickly as possible. It's an important process and very much part of every medical professional's ethical obligation toward their patients.

How can you make sure that you live up to those ethical obligations with your own patients? Follow these guidelines regarding consent:

Social media and your nursing license: What you need to know

Social media is an integral part of American culture these days. People post about everything in their lives -- their greatest triumphs, their worst fears and even what they have for dinner.

If you're a nurse, however, you have to watch what you post because it could cost you your job and your license. Here are some guidelines you need to use:

Report: Occupational licensing reforms badly needed

A new report from the Institute for Justice (IJ) joins others in the call for occupational licensing reforms. The report indicates that the current system puts a heavy burden on numerous professions, destroying lives, ruining dreams and costing billions.

The report looks at the costs of licensing requirements on a national level and within 36 different states. The authors say that the strict requirements for many professional licenses deprive the national economy of around 2 million jobs per year, hitting some states harder than others.

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