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The process of a medical complaint review in California

In California, the Medical Board is inundated with more than 8,000 complaints per year. These complaints are submitted by patients, other medical professionals, insurance companies and family members of patients. There is an Enforcement Program in place that utilizes the Central Complaint Unit (CCU) when complaints are filed.

Receiving a Citation and Fine for a DUI with the BRN

There is no blanket "rule" or policy regarding how the Board of Registered Nursing resolves a DUI conviction for a registered nurse. I have represented nurses with a DUI conviction where the BAC (blood alcohol level) was over twice the legal limit of .08 and my client received a Citation and Fine.

How an attorney can help you defend your professional license

Holding a professional license is an important part of life for a variety of different professions. There are just some jobs you cannot hold without first earning a license. Because the license is so important, you will want to protect it as much as possible. Here's some information on how an attorney will be able to defend your professional license in California.

Watch out for burnout

Among the things professionals can face in relation to their job is the possibility of burnout. There are a lot of different stressors professionals can encounter at work that could lead to burnout. Also, it appears that workplace exhaustion has become an increasingly common thing among Americans in general in recent years. According to a set of national surveys, the percentage of respondents who report being consistently exhausted due to work has nearly tripled over the past couple of decades, having come in at around 50 percent lately.

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