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9 medical providers suspended for fraud in California

Nine medical providers have been suspended for fraud in the state of California. The state workers' compensation department issued the suspensions. The suspension prevents the medical providers from participating in the state's workers' compensation program. The nine suspensions brings the total this year in the state to 94 people. All of the suspensions came in large part to the passing of the State Assembly Bill 1244.

Informal vs formal nursing board hearings

Holding a nursing license is required no matter where you want to work as a nurse in the country and California is no different. You will go through quite a bit of education, studying, testing and reviews in order to acquire the license. There are two reasons for you to protect your license; for the health and safety of your patients and for your own ethics.

Indictment handed down for former nursing home worker

Three felony charges have been handed down on a former nursing home employee who was arrested back in June. The former employee is accused of sexually assaulting a resident at the nursing home where he worked, the Washington Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation. The defendant has issued not guilty pleas to all three felonies against him.

All about nursing licensure and the Nurse Practice Act

Acquiring a nursing license is an important part of a person's process toward becoming an employee somewhere in the medical field. All nurses must acquire a license in order to work for a doctor's office, a hospital or any other medical entity. The license must be valid in order to practice. It can be suspended or revoked after a hearing in front of an administrative board.

The Opioid Epidemic: The Role of the Medical Professional

Opioid abuse are responsible for the deaths of more than 100 American a day. Medical professionals are being closely monitored due to the growing crisis. From the Physician who prescribes the narcotic to the pharmacist who fills the prescription, or the Registered Nurse administering the narcotic to the patient, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and local boards and regulatory agencies are keeping a very close watch to determine any evidence of over prescribing, diversion, and abuse.

Tips for protecting your nursing license

Working as a nurse comes with a lot of reward but it also comes with a lot of stress. There's no telling when a patient or co-worker might file a complaint against you. The complaints could be meritless and dismissed. They could also put your license, and your nursing career, in serious jeopardy. Here's how to protect your nursing license in California.

Social media and medical care don't always mix

A quick browse of your social media feeds tell the story: people like to talk about funny or weird stuff that happens throughout the day and share their professional accomplishments online. Your friend who works in marketing might share the new promotional video they've been working on for a client, or your friend who works at an animal shelter might share a photo of the happy family who recently adopted a dog. You want to join in on the fun of sharing, but should you as a medical professional?

5 ways you can lose a nursing license

Holding a nursing license is an important part of your career. You wouldn't be able to practice nursing without a valid license in the state of California. You should do everything possible in your career to protect your license. Issues can crop up without warning that can threaten your license. Here are five ways you can lose your nursing license.

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