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Sacramento California Professional License Defense Blog

Doctor loses medical license for refusing to use a computer

A physician from New London, New Hampshire, did not use computers to keep track of patient records. Instead, she used detailed handwritten notes and manila folders for each patient. Her small office had only a landline telephone and fax machine as subtle nods to the modern era. She used no computerized machines or diagnostic techniques, relying instead on her experience and general medical knowledge.

The doctor surrendered her license in October, after feeling pressured by authorities to do so, and her request to regain her license was denied.

Reasons for engineers to obtain a license

Working in certain professions requires workers to obtain professional licenses. These licenses allow people to seek employment and provide a degree of certainty for the public. Obtaining and keeping a professional license is important for various professions. Here are some important reasons why engineers should obtain a license.

One of the most important reasons for you to obtain a license as an engineer is that it can aid your career development. Obtaining a license helps you show commitment to the profession to your current employer and all potential future employers. It also puts you at the top of almost every applicant list when applying for new jobs.

What not to do regarding a medical board investigation

Being faced with an investigation in front of a medical board is stressful. You don't know what to expect or maybe even why you are facing a review. It's likely that you have received a letter from the board stating you are under review. You absolutely must respond to that letter even if you know there is nothing wrong. Here's what you should never do when it comes to such an investigation in California.

It's understandable that some people like to represent themselves when it comes to certain legal issues. This is not one of them. Take this warning seriously; you can risk losing your license if you make one false move regarding defense of yourself. Even though you know medicine, you need a lawyer on your side to navigate the legal waters.

9 medical providers suspended for fraud in California

Nine medical providers have been suspended for fraud in the state of California. The state workers' compensation department issued the suspensions. The suspension prevents the medical providers from participating in the state's workers' compensation program. The nine suspensions brings the total this year in the state to 94 people. All of the suspensions came in large part to the passing of the State Assembly Bill 1244.

The bill requires the director of the workers' compensation department to suspend any and all medical providers who are convicted of crimes involving fraud or abuse of the Medicare or Medicaid systems or of the workers' compensation system in California. Abuse or fraudulent activities related to patients also requires suspension.

What are common ways real estate agents lose their license?

Working as a real estate agent comes with a lot of excitement, responsibility and stress all at once. Agents are required to be licensed in order to legally help clients buy or sell property. Some agents find themselves defending their license due to issues that crop up during their career. Today, we will discuss some of those reasons so you can protect your license.

Real estate agents should never sign for their clients, ever. It's always best to wait until you can meet with your client so they can sign all documents, especially a counteroffer or a purchase agreement. The signature is not even valid when it's followed with the words "per telephone call."

Informal vs formal nursing board hearings

Holding a nursing license is required no matter where you want to work as a nurse in the country and California is no different. You will go through quite a bit of education, studying, testing and reviews in order to acquire the license. There are two reasons for you to protect your license; for the health and safety of your patients and for your own ethics.

If you have gotten yourself into some trouble regarding your nursing license, you will experience either an informal or formal hearing in front of the board of nursing (BON). An informal hearing occurs after the evidence has been gathered and presented to the board. You will then informally sit down with the BON to discuss the next steps. This can include an agreed upon suspension of your license, supervision, letters of warning, a consent order and other actions.

Tips for protecting your pharmacist license

You've spent thousands of hours studying and practicing to become a pharmacist. Despite the amount of time spent, an issue can still arise that jeopardizes your license to operate as a pharmacist. There are quite a few things you can do to protect your pharmacist license in Sacramento so you don't have to face discipline, revocation or suspension.

Working as a pharmacist is an important job to have. You fill the prescriptions of thousands of patients each year. You help them understand their medications and how to take them correctly. Aside from going into work each day, you should spend time staying up to date with federal and state pharmacy laws. Doing so will help you protect your license and keep your pharmacy running smoothly.

Two mistakes people make when their career is on the line

What do you do? People tend to make one of two mistakes.

Mistake #1: They fail to take the situation seriously. This is something that happens in many legal cases. The consequences of a real investigation leading to real discipline are too much to think about, so people go into denial mode.

Indictment handed down for former nursing home worker

Three felony charges have been handed down on a former nursing home employee who was arrested back in June. The former employee is accused of sexually assaulting a resident at the nursing home where he worked, the Washington Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation. The defendant has issued not guilty pleas to all three felonies against him.

The defendant was charged with two counts of endangering an incompetent or elderly person and one count of criminal sexual act. The indictment comes after the defendant was arrested for reportedly sexually assaulting a male resident where he worked. A complaint filed against the defendant says that he had oral sex with the victim while bathing him.

Former med school dean accused of seeing patients while on drugs

A former medical school dean at the University of Southern California (USC) has been accused of seeing patients while on drugs. A report states that for more than one year, the former dean of the USC medical school used drugs while working as an eye doctor on campus. The alleged drug of choice for the dean was methamphetamine.

An investigation that was requested by the Medical Board of California found that the former dean of the Keck School of Medicine would use methamphetamine and heroin on an almost daily occurrence prior to returning to his office to see patients. The report also found that the former dean supplied drugs to a patient who was enrolled in a treatment program and to a teenager.

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